Hey there good looking! So, here's my short story.  I was out at a bar with some girlfriends and of course, checking out the options.  As I looked around the bar, it hit me.  There are like 100 men in this bar and I don't know which ones are single or in relationships.  Ugh, that's annoying.  


So, at brunch that next morning, I was complaining to my girls.  This is so annoying, I walk into a bar and don't have the time to walk up to each guy and, "Hey - quick Q, are you single?" So, after too many cocktails and some long ass months of planning, here it is!  


Are you single and ready to Minge?  Show off your Mingle Bracelet and get out there.  Go talk to the hot guy, beautiful women, and get after it!  Spread the word because the more singles that mingle the more IRL conversation opportunities and hey, maybe you'll meet the one!

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